They'll even last through the hot, Southern summer! 

By Southern Living Editors

Anyone who's attempted to maintain a home garden knows the bitter sadness of a dead plant. Here are five durable plants that'll keep your garden growing. Daylilies are as tough as they come. They're drought and insect resistant and nearly indestructible. Different varieties flower in different seasons, so as long as they're in the sun, the flowers will be good to go.

Buddleia, more commonly known as Butterfly Bush, reliably blooms every summer. The flowers are fragrant, nectar-rich, and come in seven different colors. Pick up a plant for yourself starting at around $8. The hellebore is known for its early-flowering season, leading some to refer to it as the "Christmas rose." This plant thrives in the shade and can be found in a large variety of hues. It's also deer and rabbit resistant, if you've got grazers in your midst. Make this fragrant flower a part of your garden starting at $7.

Peonies are a sun-loving plant that'll last for decades. They're highly varietal and tend to bloom in May or June. Grab yours starting at $7. The trumpet vine grows long and fast, topping out at 20-40 feet. This climbing plant is perfect for hiding unsightly exteriors on your home, and it's highly attractive to hummingbirds. Add some natural beauty to your home starting at $9. With these cost-efficient plants, you'll spend less time tending to your garden and more time enjoying it.