We can all have our own Jurassic Park now.

Dinosaur Park Garden
Credit: Facebook @simonorchardgardens

Your fairy gardens, teacup fairy gardens, and mermaid gardens are about to get a little company straight out of the Jurassic period. The latest craze in miniature landscaping are dinosaur gardens, according to House Beautiful.

These tiny prehistoric gardens feature small (plastic) dinosaurs roaming over rocks and through succulent gardens to create adorable vignettes that would fit in perfectly in Jurassic Park.

The dinosaur worlds are not only a whimsical addition to liven up a staid container garden collection, but they are also a fun way to get boys—or any dinosaur lover—interested in gardening.

To make a dinosaur garden either alone or with the kids, pick up a few plastic dinosaurs at the local toy store (or track down the ones that live in the playroom). Head to a gardening store for terrariums, moss, miniature ferns, and small succulents and take a nature walk in a park or your own backyard to pick up supplies like stones, branches, and leaves. It's also a great excuse to upcycle items you may have lying around the house, like this recycling genius who transformed an old tire into a dino playworld or blogger Karen Raye who turned an old whiskey barrel into a prehistoric herb garden.

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For a more detailed tutorial, check out the T-Rex-filled creations put together by British gardening expert, Simon Orchard. The rest is up to the imagination and if you're stumped for ideas, a viewing of Jurassic World couldn't hurt.