Digz Washable Garden Gloves Are Raking in the 5-Star Amazon Reviews

The only thing more exciting to a Southern gardener than a good pair of gloves is the start of hydrangea season.

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Green thumbs, listen up. There's a gardening glove you need to know about if you don't already. They're cushioned in all the right places, have touch screen-compatible fingertips, an adjustable wrist strap, and can be thrown in the wash after you're finished playing in the dirt. We're talking about Digz Washable Garden Gloves and we have a feeling they're everything your landscape-loving hands have been begging for (SHOP: $20.62; amazon.com).

Digz Gloves

Find a good set of gardening gloves and they'll repay you with hours of good clean fun. Emphasis on clean. We understand that there are some people who don't mind a little dirt under the fingernails—small price to pay for those award-winning David Austin roses, they say—but smudging said dirt all over your phone when you're trying to take a call from your daughter who desperately needs your Three-Ingredient Biscuit recipe (one part butter, one part flour, one part sour cream)? Now that's a whole other issue entirely. The touch screen-compatible fingertips will never leave you missing a call so you can wash up first—and, when it comes to biscuits, time is always of the essence.

Beyond the call-waiting benefits, they feature leather palms that'll save you from thorns, foam-padded knuckles, a terry cloth interior to absorb moisture and sweat, and a stretchy back and adjustable wrist strap for that like-a-glove fit.

If your gardening adventures often take you elbow-deep into thorny flora, you might want to upgrade to the Rose Picker Garden Gloves. They have all the reinforced padding and touchscreen capabilities, but with a longer cuff to ward off any forearm hazards. Oh, and they're pretty cute too.

Head out to the yard without gloves for a little weed pulling once, and you'll probably never make the mistake again. Especially if a fresh manicure is involved. Between the thorns, creepy crawlers, and undercover rash-inducing weeds there's just too much that could make your gardening adventures turn into something a bit more than you bargained for. But if you're the type that likes to live life on the wild side, then by all means—we'll just be over here in our fresh pair of Digz gloves if you need us.

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