Refresh a porch for late summer with only two plants.

Summer's Most Low-Maintenance Container
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

August heat waves call for the comfort of shady porches. Spruce yours up with a simple hanging basket. A hanging container is a fail-safe way to bring color and life to even the dreariest of porches, especially as we begin navigating the stifling late summer and transition to fall. Porching is a Southern art and favorite pastime; but in this heat, we need a little more motivation to hang out on our beloved outdoor space. That's why we have some easy porch sprucing ideas to help out.

This pretty arrangement leans on the soothing hues of white pentas and dainty purple scaevolas, also known as fan flowers. They make a perfect duo of colors for the season. What makes this a dream design? Scaevolas are often sold already planted in hanging baskets—so you'll just need to add pentas to the mix. It's the perfect kind of easy, for those not looking to spend too much time making their porch look pretty in a pinch. Arrange so the scaevolas spill over the sides while the pentas fill out the center and top to make it look lush and not-too-planned. Both flowers thrive in full sun (as long as they get regular water), making them the best picks for surviving summer's prolonged rays in this Southern heat.

To prevent messy spills that'll make your porch less than relaxing, water the container by placing ice cubes in the basket and letting them melt. You won't risk getting more water on the floor than in the actual container. Our favorite tip: plant mint among the pentas and scaevolas to make every breeze that much more refreshing. We love the mix of colorful flowers and natural herbs in any container.

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With this new low-maintenance container, you're set for the rest of the summer. So, sit back and relax with your favorite refreshment and admire the view.