You don't have to have a full garden to enjoy the beautiful blooms that spring has to offer. You can instead plant your favorite flowers in a container garden to be enjoyed on your porch or patio. But, if you want your container gardens to thrive, there are some container gardening mishaps that you should definitely look out for. The first thing to that you should note? Don't mix opposites. When you're planning your container garden, you want to mix plants that require the same levels of light and moisture. Shade-loving caladiums, for example, would not mix well with sun-loving zinnias. Be sure to pick plants whose environments complement each other. Next, be sure to read the labels on all of the plants that you'd like in your container garden. (Yes, you even need to read the labels on plants!) You need to learn how big the plant is going to grow, and plan accordingly for the space that it will occupy.

Another great tip for your spring container gardening is make sure that you're planting in place. Although flowers don't weigh much, soil definitely does. This is especially important for large containers. If you're hoping to have large pots on either side of your porch, start the planting process in place. Trust us – you won't want to move large containers later. It's also very important that you're attentive to your flowers once you've planted them. Although a few varieties may thrive without much attention, most plants need to be cared for daily. Remove any spent flowers that might bring down the appearance of the container. In addition to improving the aesthetic, these spent flowers can suck up valuable nutrients that should be going to the other, healthier blooms. And, finally, spray your plants with a blossom-boosting liquid every few weeks so that your plants are nourished and ready to last all season long.

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