A new spin on your favorite container garden.

Mermaid Garden
Credit: Instagram @greenwood_nurserymn

Mermaid gardens are not only the latest home décor trend, but are the perfect solution for a creative way to display those seashells and sea glass that you collected during your Spring Break trip to the Florida Keys.

Mermaid gardens are tiny under-the-sea themed terrariums, which are picture perfect and fun to create. The magic starts with a glass jar, miniature planters, or even a solitary teacup or decorative bowls that is transformed into a watery world. Start with a diminutive succulent or cactus potted in the jar or planter, then decorate at will with blue-green glass, sea shells from your travels, a pretty stone or two, and tiny pieces of coral collected before you knew it was becoming endangered. Add bits of sand, pretty moss, sand dollars, toy mermaids, aquarium plants, decorative crabs, or anything else that your vision dictates.

If you're looking for some adorable examples, head to Pinterest, check out the ideas on Brit and Co. or simply start perusing Instagram where the hashtag #MermaidGarden is taking off as people show off their imaginative plantscapes and undersea gardens.

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Mermaid gardens are also the perfect weekend project either for yourself or as part of some creative family fun. Simply pick up supplies on Etsy or at your local craft or toy store, swing by the plant nursery for some succulents and pots and get creating. Soon enough you'll be taking a deep dive under the sea with a friendly mermaid or two.