Brightening up your porch is easy when you turn to a gorgeous container garden for greenery. There are hundreds of combinations, in all different color schemes and gardening levels, that give your home major curb-appeal. Unlike many raised bed gardens, container gardens are easier to maintain. The most important part of picking your container garden recipe is that you check the plant labels before grouping them together. The plants in your container garden should require the same levels of both moisture and shade, or one plant could thrive while the other wilts beside it. We've put together some of our favorite container garden styles for all homes, decor, and personalities to inspire your spring gardening.

For The Traditionally Southern
Zinnias are perfect for containers and stay in full bloom until autumn. They’re one of the easiest annuals to start from seed, and provide tons of color to your front porch. Use bright filler flowers such as purple verbena and English ivy to give hanging containers stunning appeal.

To Create A Modern Marvel
Evergreen planters can be brightened up in the spring with seasonal blossoms and kept beautiful with green hues throughout the fall. Succulents, ivy, ferns, and cedar all put on a spectacular presentation. Evergreen planters are usually much more hardy than their seasonal counterparts, making them easy to maintain.

For Some Romantic Charm (Without Roses!)
A lush container overflowing with blooms looks great hanging, on a table, or in a freestanding container. Layer on petunias, pink dianthus, and hanging vines to give your container garden a relaxed look. The soft colors are a great complement to neutral homes.

Grow A Shade-Loving Stunner
Not every container loves to be centered in the hot Southern sun. Plants like caladiums and creeping Jenny add depth and contrast to your container garden and will thrive in shady areas. Try in a hanging basket or on an elevated stand to let the vines hang freely.

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