Hmmm, might be time to re-paint that fence.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
Backyard Garden
Credit: RomoloTavani/Getty Images

Close your eyes, and picture the happiest garden ever. If you're anything like us, chances are you're envisioning rows of colorful flowers and the calming sound of birds chirping (okay, and the gentle sounds of a stunning water feature or two).

For those with gardens, you may have wondered if there's anything you can do to attract birds to your space. Well, here's one color that may signal to birds that they should avoid your yard: "White signals alarm, danger, and aggression to many birds. In fact, many birds use white in their plumage as a warning, such as the white flash of a dark-eyed junco's tail feathers or the white patch on a northern mockingbird's wings," writes Melissa Mayntz forThe Spruce.

In the piece, Mayntz also explains that most bright colors can appeal to birds such as red and pink for hummingbirds and orange for orioles and hummingbirds. Of course, Mayntz caveats that "While color can attract birds to the yard, it is important to understand that color alone will not keep birds visiting," so if you're hoping to attract birds make sure you've got water, food, shelter, and good nesting spots for them, too. She also notes that you can add the color to your yard through flowers, colorful plants, or even artificially with a painted fence. Read the full article here.

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What are your favorite tips and tricks to bring gorgeous birds to your yard? And for those of you who'd rather not awake to a daily chorus, what do you to keep birds away from your home?