You're hereby allowed to put it off until drier days.
Lawnmower Wet Grass
Credit: bigtunaonline/Getty Images

For most homeowners, mowing the lawn is one of many chores left to the weekend. Unfortunately, the weather usually has other plans, and it's not uncommon for it to rain during that precious two-day window. So, do you go ahead and mow or table your grass cutting for a drier day? Is it worth offending the neighbors for another week?

Sorry planners, but if you can, it's usually best to avoid cutting your grass when it's wet. According to Family Handyman, doing so can be dangerous for a number of reasons.

First, wet grass increases your chance of slipping, which is basically an accident waiting to happen if you're using a push-mower. Second, lawnmowers run on electricity, which is the sworn enemy of moisture. There's always the risk of an electrical shock when you introduce water into the equation, which can cause harm to the machine as well as the person using it. And don't even get us started on how easily wet grass can clog a mower.

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Finally, cutting your grass when it's wet often results in a less-attractive finished product. As Family Handyman points out, blades of grass are harder to slice evenly when they're damp, which can result in an uneven cut. And let's face it: nobody wants that!

So, from the potential for danger to the chance of an unsightly end result, we think it's totally reasonable to put off cutting the lawn until the grass is dry.