Psst, it's also a fun activity to entertain the grandkids while they're in town!

Bird Seed Wreath
Credit: Flickr/evilrobotsmash

While you're busy cooking up holiday treats for friends and family, why not take a little time to make something special for your winged neighbors?

The colder months can be difficult for the species of birds that refrain from relocating to tropical climates during the winter. Though hearty, their tiny bodies require more heat to stay warm when the temperatures drop, and making heat requires food during a time when it's especially scarce.

This festive DIY wreath, courtesy of our friends at the National Audubon Society, is the perfect homemade gift to show your avian friends you care. Plus, it's a fun activity to entertain the grandkids while they're in town.

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Made with suet and bird seed, this edible wreath provides "densely nutritious" food for the birds that stay put in the winter. Whip one up and hang it outside (ideally either 3 feet from a window, or more than 30 feet from a window, in order to prevent collisions), and watch your local birds dig in. Suet is a particularly popular with wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, and woodpeckers, but you never know who might stop by for a taste of your home cooking.

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