Best Spring Gardening Flowers

Spring Garden Flowers: Madevilla Vogue
Photo: Ralph Anderson

Selected for success, these sun-loving blooms will look great right through fall no matter how hot or humid the weather gets this year.

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Best Versatile Color Anyone Can Grow

Spring Garden Flowers: Madevilla Vogue
Ralph Anderson

Mandevilla Vogue makes a fashion statement in two luscious hues: cheery pink ‘Vivian’ and luminous red ‘Sophia.’ Plants grow only 18 to 24 inches tall and are loaded with prolific blooms. They are ideal for large containers and hanging baskets in sunny locations around your garden.

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Best Companion Plant

Spring Garden Flowers: 'Princess Blush'
Photo: Ralph Anderson

‘Princess Blush’ and ‘Princess Dark Lavender’ verbenas are true garden performers. Covered with flowers all season long, they won’t break apart or get bald spots. They are great mixers―use them in beds, containers, hanging baskets, and window boxes.

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Best Blooms for Winged Wonders

Spring Garden Flowers: ‘Stars and Stripes’ Pentas
Photo: Ralph Anderson

‘Stars and Stripes’ pentas flower like crazy, bringing butterflies and hummingbirds into your garden. The scarlet flowers with pink centers are irresistible to them. Variegated foliage contrasts nicely with other plantings. Chartreuse- or black-leaved sweet potatoes are perfect partners.

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Best Choice for the Indecisive

Spring Garden Flowers: 'Cajun Blue' Scaevola
Photo: Ralph Anderson

‘Cajun Blue’ scaevola is more compact than other scaevolas and is earlier to flower. This friendly plant plays well with others, complementing just about anything―fun with yellow, pink, or white blooms.

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Best Dainty and Delicate Flower

Spring Garden Flowers: 'Plum Mist' Cuphea
Photo: Ralph Anderson

‘Plum Mist’ cuphea is covered with small, two-toned light and dark lavender flowers from summer through fall. Use this plant up front to enjoy its soft look; it likes to spill over the edges of borders and pots.

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Best Carefree Blooms

Spring Garden Flowers: 'Ragin' Cajun' Ruellia
Photo: Ralph Anderson

‘Ragin’ Cajun’ ruellia’s vivid red flowers are also beacons for butterflies and bees. This plant may look wispy, but don’t be deceived―it’s tough. Maximize impact by planting en masse or grouping in containers.

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Best Performance in the Heat

Spring Garden Flowers: 'Azure Skies' Heliotrope
Photo: Ralph Anderson

‘Azure Skies’ heliotrope is tops for heat tolerance. Plant this American native where others have fried and you’ll be rewarded with never-ending mounds of lavender flowers. It’s a perennial in areas with mild winters.

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Best for Baskets and Containers

Spring Garden Flowers: 'Bonita Shea' Begonia
Photo: Ralph Anderson

‘Bonita Shea’ begonia

, showy and compact, is a true standout. Its curled leaves reveal red undersides―the perfect backdrop for its hovering white flowers. It’s great for porches and patios.

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Best Ground Cover

Spring Garden Flowers: 'Blue Sue' Setcreasea
Photo: Ralph Anderson

‘Blue Sue’ setcreasea has pretty pink flowers set off by distinctive blue-tinged foliage edged in purple. If you’ve been looking for something to plant beneath your Knock Out roses, here it is.

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