Add Some Color to Your Garden with Red Aloe

These colorful succulents steal the show.

More than ever, plants and flowers bring us a sense of comfort. Whether it's simply watering a basil, thyme, and oregano potted herb trio on our kitchen windowsill or spending time in our backyard garden getting our hands dirty in the soil, it's a joy to turn away from technology for a precious few minutes—or if we're really lucky, a whole afternoon—and spend some time connecting to the natural world.

Red Aloe Species (Aloe cameronii) in the garden.

But between the rows of pastel peonies and those green herbs, sometimes our gardens could all use a pop of bold color. That's where aloe cameronii, also known as red aloe, comes in. These days, we're loving the succulent as a welcome element of visual interest in any garden or driveway. In a recent piece from House Beautiful, we had the chance to become more familiar with red aloe, and we're definitely excited to incorporate the plant into our landscaping. "Unlike other succulents, these bad boys are outdoors only, as they typically grow between one to two feet high and two to four feet wide. Fortunately, they're an evergreen plant and require very little maintenance or water," writes Kelly Corbett in the article, offering music to our ears with the phrase "very little maintenance."

So what does red aloe need to flourish? According to Gardenia, they are "easily grown in sandy or gravelly, well-drained soils in full sun or light shade." Color-wise, you're in for a treat with the plant's leaves filling in with hues ranging from green to deep coppery red with spikes of bright orange-red flowers emerging in late fall to early winter.

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So tell us, fellow gardeners and aspiring green thumbs: What do you think of this large attention-grabbing plant? Can't wait to plant some seeds or do you prefer to keep your garden looking more mellow?

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