Raise your hand if you love pineapples. *Raises hands.* They’re a true symbol of hospitality, and as Southerners, how could we not? Now, while we love a refreshing slice of the tropical fruit and we’ll never turn down a good ole piña colada, there’s a whole world of other things you can do with pineapples. (If you need inspiration, here are some of our beloved pineapple recipes!). Here, we walk you through a simple and fun way to make eye-catching garnishes for your next cake or cupcake. In only a few steps, you can make these dried pineapple flowers and look like a professional pastry chef. To assemble, you’ll only need a handful of ingredients. But the end result, we promise is the pineapple, erm, pinnacle of deliciousness. After finishing, if you’re antsing to make another pineapple cake or cupcake topper, we don’t blame you. Check out our video on sparkling pineapple wedges or experiment with your own fruity garnish ideas.

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