Whether you're looking for a recipe to bring to the tailgate, a dip to break out on Super Bowl Sunday, or a party appetizer that will get guests talking, look no further than this creamy Bacon-Pimiento Guacamole. Everyone loves classic Buffalo Chicken Dip or a traditional seven-layer dip, but why not shake things up a bit with a fresh recipe that'll invigorate the taste buds? This guacamole recipe is different from your classic avocado-and-salsa recipe for a few reasons. First on all, it incorporates the salty, smoky flavor of crumbled bacon. And, we can all agree–bacon makes food taste much better. Cook and crumble six bacon slices into your guacamole mixture to give the dip some extra love. When you've finished making the recipe, top your guacamole with a little extra crumbled bacon for a pretty presentation. The key to this fantastic guacamole is, of course, the avocados. They're a great ingredient to use because we can find avocados at the local grocery store pretty much year-round, and they only take a few days to ripen. Make sure they're soft and mashable before stirring into your guacamole.

Another twist on this recipe is the addition of pimientos. Known best for their starring role in classic Southern pimiento cheese, these small red peppers are sweet and succulent. They bring a vibrancy to the dip with both their color and their soft texture. The recipe also calls for chopped red onion, which balances out the sweet and salty with some acidity. Toss all these ingredients together with some fresh lime juice –which cuts the salt – and some fresh cilantro, and you've got a mouth-watering party dip recipe that won't be around long. Although not technically in the ingredients, you can also finish off your dip with a few small slices of fresh jalapeño. These bring heat to the recipe, but don't overwhelm the other flavors. They also provide some nice color to your appetizer spread. The great thing about this appetizer recipe is that is a fresh, easy addition to the table. There's no need to bake it in advance or time it with other hot hors d'oeuvres; it tastes best when prepared right before your get together. Serve up your Bacon-Pimiento Guacamole with blue corn chips for a dip recipe that guests will be asking for.

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