By Sheri Castle
February 05, 2021

What Are The Similarities?

Peaches and apricots are two different species, but they're both stone fruits, members of the genus Prunus, which means they have a rock-hard pit in the center, along with a few other similarities. Both have velvety skins, although peaches are more often fuzzy (and fuzzier) than most apricots. The color of their skins and flesh can range from champagne to vermillion, shades so gorgeous that we sometimes use their names to describe certain hues. Both peaches and apricots release their aroma when ripe and ready to enjoy. You might have to pick up an apricot and give it a sniff to pick up their subtle scent, whereas a bowl of ripe peaches can perfume the entire kitchen.

Basket of peaches and apricots
Credit: Image Source/Getty Images

What Makes Them Different?

There's also an important difference between the two when it comes to using them in recipes. Apricots tend to be sweet-tart and firm, while peaches are sweeter and juicier by nature. It's not that apricots aren't good to pick up and eat, but we're less like to need to lean over the sink to do so. This means that apricots and peaches are not necessarily interchangeable in recipes, mainly due to that difference in water content. We're more likely to have success using one in place of the other in uncooked recipes, such as smoothies, salads, and fruit salsas, but it's best to avoid making that swap in baked goods and cooked recipes.