Zaxby's Fried Pickles Are Here to Stay

Good news, pickle lovers!

Zaxby-s Fried Pickles
Photo: Zaxby's

Your favorite drive-through date night destination just got even better. That's right, Zaxby's has made their fried pickles a permanent fixture on their menu.

Zaxby's, the Athens, Georgia-based fast food chain, used to make their customers wait and wait for their thinly-sliced, cornmeal-coated, perfectly-fried dill pickles to appear on the Zappetizers menu. Then they would arrive in all their salty, crispy glory, but for a limited-time only. Now, they've realized the error of their ways and are giving their loyal customers what they so richly deserve—fried pickles with a side of their signature buttermilk ranch served hot and on demand.

Look, we love crinkle cut fries as much as the next Southerner, but crinkle-cut fried pickles honestly can't be beat. Now, Zaxby's is serving them up as a stand-alone snack or as a meal add-on, so you can pair them with whichever chicken sandwich you order—or put them right on the sandwich. You may want to try them with Zaxby's new Signature Club Sandwich, which features a double hand-breaded chicken fillet with bacon, cheese, and Zax sauce as well as a few pickle slices, but it can't hurt to add some more!

If there isn't a Zaxby's outpost near your corner of the South, you can always make your fried pickle chips (perhaps with roundhouse-kick sauce) or just start mapping out your road trip to the closest Zaxby's. We think fried pickles is a solid reason to plan a road trip.

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