If you're in the mood for Tex-Mex, this is the dinner to make.

Chicken-and-Spinach Enchiladas
Make plenty of Chicken-and-Spinach Enchiladas to eat for supper and freeze for later. Serve with Dressed-Up Refried Beans and you'll have a great Tex-Mex meal in no time!

When you're in the mood for Tex-Mex, this is the dinner to make. From kitchen to table, it takes about an hour, and half of that is hands-off baking or cooking time. I like to make a few pans of enchiladas and keep them in the freezer for this busy month. They will bake from the totally frozen state to piping hot in just one hour.

A Tasty Tex-Mex Plate
Serves 6

How To Freeze Enchiladas
We made, froze, thawed, and baked this enchilada recipe in both a 13- x 9-inch disposable aluminum foil pan and a 9- x 12-inch reusable, heat-resistant, durable pan with great results. Here's how.

  • Place a piece of sealable plastic wrap directly against the top of the enchiladas to slow the drying effects of the freezer. Use 1 continuous piece of wide heavy-duty aluminum foil to totally encase the casserole. Cover with the plastic lid, if available. Freeze up to one month.
  • Before baking, remove lid and aluminum foil, and carefully peel sealable plastic wrap from top of casserole. Cover with foil for baking. Place pan on a baking sheet.
  • To bake thawed: Thaw overnight in the fridge. Stand at room temperature 30 minutes. Bake as directed.
  • To bake frozen: Bake 1 hour.