You'll love these great-tasting, stress-free weeknight meals.

Jump-Start Supper
Credit: Ralph Anderson / Styling Rose Nguyen / Food Styling Rebecca Kracke Gordon

Get cooking. All it takes is some simple preplanning and a little advance prep work. For instance, go ahead and cook the Zesty Pork Roast With Vegetables, which takes less than an hour. Slice the cooled, cooked roast, wrap in aluminum foil, and refrigerate for dinner one to two days later.

Slow-cooker Beef Brisket makes a great Tex-Mex-inspired meal. Just let the meat simmer while you're out during the day. The beef is moist, shreds easily, and tastes great served in warm tortillas with salsa and toppings.

Midweek Beef Brisket Menu
serves 6

Weeknight Pork Roast Supper
serves 6

Five Tips for Next-Day Dishes
Use these ideas to turn leftovers into a quick supper.

  1. Toss shredded Slow-cooker Beef Brisket with iceberg lettuce and chopped tomatoes. Serve with sweet-spicy tomato-flavored salad dressing and tortilla chips.
  2. Top Honeydew-Orange Toss with vanilla yogurt, and stir in chopped nuts for a healthful breakfast or snack.
  3. Spoon shredded beef brisket over long-grain rice to make beef hash.
  4. Cut Zesty Pork Roast With Vegetables slices into strips or cubes, and heat with cooked stir-fry vegetables. Serve with soy sauce, if desired.
  5. Cut Zesty Pork Roast With Vegetables slices into strips; toss with lettuce, drained mandarin oranges, and slivered toasted almonds or chow mein noodles. Serve with oil-and-vinegar or sesame-flavored salad dressing.

"Jump-Start Supper" is from the August 2006 issue of Southern Living.