Sink your teeth into these restaurant-style recipes. They're faster than delivery and taste incredible grilled.
Credit: Photo: Jennifer Davick

Get ready for a flavor experience that's so melt in your mouth, you'll wish you had tried this clever cooking technique sooner. We discovered that the grill yields irresistible brick-oven flavor and crispy-tender crust, similar to the fire-baked flat bread you find in fancy Italian restaurants. Better still, it's ready quicker than you can say "delivery."

All you do is put the store-bought dough or crust directly on the hot grate, add your toppings, and let the grill do the work. We make the prep even more convenient by offering bottled sauces and other shortcut ingredients. Follow our simple steps, and see for yourself how easy it is.

Take Your Temperature
It's important to keep your grill near 350° for these recipes. If your grill doesn't have a built-in thermometer, purchase an oven thermometer for about $2.50 at your local superstore. Simply preheat the grill at a medium setting, place the thermometer on the grill grate, and close the lid. Check the temperature periodically, and adjust the heat as needed.

Shortcut Crust

  • We found fresh pizza dough at our local supermarket bakery for about $2. Ask if your grocery store offers the same.
  • Use a 10-oz. can of refrigerated dough, such as Pillsbury, if you can't find it fresh.
  • Don't want to deal with dough? Purchase a prebaked Italian crust, such as Boboli or Mama Mary's instead.

"New Look for Pizza" is from the October 2007 issue of Southern Living.