Enjoy the cool taste of these fun frozen ice-cream sandwich recipes.

Master Recipe: Buttermilk Ice Cream
Variation 1: Avocado-Key Lime Pie Ice Cream
Variation 2: Lemon Meringue Ice Cream
Variation 3: Blueberry-Cheesecake Ice Cream
Vartiation 4: Strawberry-Pretzel Ice Cream  

A new freezer favorite has arrived. One genius (and easy!) master recipe and four over-the-top variations provide an endless array of sweet and creamy ideas. The secret to these dreamy treats? Soft-baked cookies from your bakery. Go large or small—just don't go with the crunchy kind.

Photo: Hector Sanchez

Ice-Cream Sandwich Recipes:
Avocado-Key Lime Pie Ice-Cream Sandwiches
Blueberry-Cheesecake Ice-Cream Sandwiches
Easy Chocolate-Mint Ice-Cream Sandwiches
Lemon Meringue Ice-Cream Sandwiches
Mocha-Almond-Fudge Ice-Cream Sandwiches
Peanutty Ice-Cream Sandwiches
Strawberry-Pretzel Ice-Cream Sandwiches
Waffle Taco Sundaes

If you can't resist the jingle of the ice-cream truck coming down the street, you'll love these easy, creamy goodies. Soften them at room temperature 15 minutes before serving.