Jennifer Davick; Styling Lisa Powell Bailey; Food styling Vanessa McNeil Rocchio

These exceptional recipes dish up delicious flavor and some stylish twists.


Condiments We Love
Sweet and spicy condiments are great complements to vegetable meals. Hot sauce, chowchow, pepper sauce, and relishes all add a tangy bite to squash, succotash, butter beans, and other mild flavors. Greens, especially, are enhanced by peppery sauces or sweet relishes. Supermarkets and specialty stores carry a wide variety of products, but pepper sauce, the simplest of the bunch, is the hands-down favorite of restaurants and home cooks across the South. It reigns supreme at our tasting table as well, but we also like homemade chowchow and Wickles Hoagie & Sub Sandwich Relish for topping peas and greens. 

Assemble your own ultimate veggie plate from this tasty selection of favorites. One from several categories will make a lovely seasonal meal.

Something Yellow

Something Green

Something Fried

Peas or Beans

Something Tomato

Macaroni and Cheese


"First-Rate Veggie Plate" is from the August 2008 issue of Southern Living.

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