This beloved side dish is the perfect complement to barbecue.

Peanutty Coleslaw
Lightly dressed with the salty snap of roasted peanuts, fresh ginger, and wasabi paste, Peanutty Coleslaw stands out from the crowd.

Coleslaw Recipes:

I don't believe there's a barbecue groupie around who wouldn't agree that coleslaw is very much a part of 'cue culture. Any well-respected barbecue establishment considers great slaw an asset. Granted, this side may not be front and center on the menu, but it definitely rates as a major player in the barbecue accompaniment world.

As with the meat, many opinions exist on what ingredients are considered essential for proper coleslaw. Lines are drawn about whether a slaw should be mayonnaise or vinegar based. But no matter what you prefer, there is a recipe amid our collection that is sure to satisfy your tastes.

Cabbage Tips for Coleslaw

  • Remove outer leaves from cabbage before rinsing.
  • A food processor makes quick work of shredding and grating cabbage. If you don't have one, a box grater works fine.
  • Your coleslaw might appear dry just after you have tossed it with the dressing, but it will moisten as the cabbage releases its liquid while chilling.
  • Keep these approximate weights in mind when buying cabbage.
    1 small green cabbage=about 1 1/2 pounds
    1 medium-size green cabbage=about 3 1/2 pounds
    1 small red cabbage=about 3/4 pound
    1 small savoy cabbage=about 1 pound
  • Packaged shredded cabbage and finely shredded cabbage are available at most grocery stores. Finely shredded cabbage is sometimes referred to as "angel-hair" on the package because its texture is similar to angel-hair pasta.