Cynthia Graubart sets the table for three family meals: one simple Sunday roasted chicken dinner and two fast and hearty weeknight meals.

Classic Double Roast Chickens
Recipe: Classic Double Roast ChickenWe bet you never thought of a roasted chicken as a budget-friendly choice, well, it is! Our Classic Double Roast Chickens prove it.
| Credit: Iain Bagwell

Many cooks today live double lives. We slow down on the weekend, spending more time in the kitchen cooking and challenging ourselves with new recipes and techniques. Most importantly, we spend more time at the table with family and friends. But when the Monday morning rooster crows, we are back to our overbooked schedules and in need of quick and easy meals.

As the author of four cookbooks, I know the power a recipe has in creating less stress in the kitchen. I've made a career out of teaching others to cook and use a little advance planning to make mealtime more productive and the week run more smoothly. Why not enjoy the more leisurely cooking on the weekend and ease the weeknight burden at the same time?

The New Sunday Supper does just that. We'll use the Sunday meal to create the base for two fast and delicious weeknight dinners. This month, we roast two chickens flavored with rosemary and lemon that give them a seductive aroma. The classic recipe saves time, yielding enough meat for three dinners for a family of four. A side of green beans, first served with roast chicken on day one, makes enough for a pot pie on day two, topped with a quick, two-ingredient biscuit.

One Sunday supper and a head start on two weeknight dinners. Enjoy!