Use one of these hearty recipes to jazz up your next gathering.

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Baked Bean Recipes:

Not every barbecue region considers beans an essential side dish. However, in states such as Texas, Alabama, and Missouri, a plate of 'cue without beans in some shape or form--whether great Northern, black, pinto, or pork and beans--just wouldn't be proper.

Beans are prepared in a variety of styles and flavored with a wide assortment of seasonings. Whichever you choose, you'll love these recipes that showcase the best of the bean.

Try Baked Beans the Texas Way
Barbecue lovers in the middle and eastern South like baked beans (usually varieties that are the size of your pinkie fingernail or a bit smaller) seasoned with molasses and shades of ketchup, mustard, and spice. Texans, however, tend to see beans as a backdrop for sliced raw onions and jalapeños served alongside brisket. Most Lone Star barbecue plates sporting beans will offer pinto beans made from dried pintos slowly cooked with water, salt, pepper, and sometimes cumin or other Southwestern spices. This Texas Pinto Beans recipe highlights how Texans take their beans. Enjoy.