These hot and hearty recipes can be ready to cook in 15 minutes or less.

Quick and Easy Southern Recipes: TennTucky Blackberry Cobbler
In this quick and easy Southern recipe, scatter a handful of frozen berries over a buttery batter, and TennTucky Blackberry Cobbler will be ready for the oven.
| Credit: Photo: William Dickey

Pull up a chair, and settle in at the kitchen table. Familiar foods are the ones we love best, and these new twists on family favorites are as easy to prepare as they are to eat. We limited each recipe to 5 ingredients or less (not including pepper, salt, water, and oil). Any choice is a good one--all are satisfying and delicious.

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Five Plus Five
This dish combines the robust flavors and cheesy bread topping of French onion soup with chicken pot pie. It has more than 5 ingredients, but it's so quick and easy to make you'll hardly notice. Substitute an equal amount of buttermilk for wine, if desired. Serve with a green salad tossed with fresh citrus, sliced avocados, toasted pecans, and bottled raspberry vinaigrette.

Featured Recipe:

This article is from the January 2006 issue of Southern Living.