Baking Chips Sold at Walmart Recalled

A mix-up in ingredients could cause problems for those with soy allergies.

If you baked with Lily's Sweets Peppermint Flavor Baking Chips this holiday season and have a soy allergy or sensitivity, you may want to check your pantry for any extra bags. On Friday, Lily's Sweets put out a voluntary recall of 18,855 cases of the product sold at Walmart due to the presence of soy lecithin, which was not noted in the ingredient listing. Individuals with soy allergies or sensitivities should not consume the product.

According to the Food and Drug Administration recall listing, the product was a limited holiday seasonal offering sold exclusively at Walmart stores across the country. The impacted products are 7-ounce pouches of Lily's Peppermint Flavor Baking Chips with the UPC number 8-10003-46159-9.

Lily's Peppermint Baking Chips
Food and Drug Adminsitration

The error was discovered after customers found white candy pieces mixed in with the baking chips. The white candy pieces contain soy lecithin, sugar, and other ingredients that are not present in the baking chips and therefore not listed in the ingredients. No illnesses or injuries have been reported to date.

Consumers who purchased affected product are urged to contact the company for a full refund by completing a contact form or by calling Lily's consumer contact line at 877-587-0557.

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Remember, this recall only applies to those with soy allergies, so if you don't have any soy allergies, there's no need to worry! The peppermint-flavored white chocolate morsels are perfectly safe to enjoy baked into your treats or even on their own as a sweet snack!

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