Walker Hayes' Viral Hit "Fancy Like" Inspires Applebee's to Bring Back the Oreo Cookie Shake

“We did it… we brought back the Oreo shake!”

With a little help from TikTok, Walker Hayes' smash hit "Fancy Like" has inspired Applebee's to bring back the Oreo Cookie Shake.

The popular shake was one of approximately 60 items the casual dining chain scrapped from its menu during the pandemic. But after the viral song came out in June and started to go viral (thanks in large part to a TikTok dance trend), Applebee's decided to bring the shake back to date nights for a limited time.

Walker Hayes Wife Applebee's Oreo Shake
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Note: the whipped cream on top and two straws are optional. The Bourbon Street Steak is not included.

The song "created buzz and chatter and among team members [and] among guests," John Cywinski, president of Applebee's, told CNN Business. "We do have people singing it and dancing to it in our restaurants," he added. "We love being part of the conversation."

To spread the word that the Oreo Cookie Shake has returned, Applebee's launched new commercials showing people dancing to the catchy country song. The chain also put together a menu insert featuring a photo of Hayes and his wife sharing an Oreo shake—fancy like with two straws, of course.

As for Hayes, he's simply humbled by it all. First the song's success, then the viral dance, and now a restored milkshake.

"I can't wait to one day take my grandkids to Applebee's and order them an Oreo shake and say 'Kids, you know who brought this back on the menu?'" he told Southern Living, laughing. "For real, I am so humbled by everything going on with 'Fancy Like' right now and beyond grateful to be partnering with Applebee's in such a big way. I mean, we did it… we brought back the Oreo shake!"

The Oreo Cookie Shake is available now for a limited time.

Thanks, Walker!

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