This Simple Trick Will Change How You Prep Potatoes

Pile of Raw Potatoes
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As spring arrives, so does potluck season. We found one trick that will dramatically change your ability to make a batch of potato salad big enough for the entire office, Little League team, or church choir.

Normally preparing potato salad for a crowd (or mashed potatoes or potato soup or twice-baked potatoes) is always a bit of a chore because those dirt-grown gems need to be scrubbed before cooking. That usually means slaving over a sink and putting some elbow grease into making sure each of those little spuds is spic and span before cooking. Turns out, there is an easier way. According to the blog Heavenly Homemakers, when it comes to prepping potatoes for cooking, you can skip the sink entirely.

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Instead, load your potatoes in the top rack of your dishwasher. Set the machine to rinse only, make sure there's no soap in the dispenser, and then shut the door and let the machine do its thing. Prep the rest of your meal while the potatoes get sparkly. When the rinse cycle is over your potatoes should be all prepped and ready to bake or boil, or in the words of Waffle House, scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, diced, or topped.

It's a helpful tip that will save your hands—and your elbow grease—for the more exciting part of cooking with potatoes and will make it easier to bring your world-famous potato salad to any potlucks, holiday gatherings, or fundraiser dinners in your future.

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