It's always a good idea to serve corn pudding.

Corn pudding may not have been invented in the South (that's a discussion for another day), but we have no problem claiming it as our own. Corn is a staple ingredient in Southern kitchens, we love a casserole, and it's an indulgent way to eat your vegetables—another thing Southerners are known for. I love corn pudding for another reason entirely: it's nearly impossible to screw up, and you can put your own creative spin on it. That's two reasons, actually.

Made with eggs, heavy cream, a touch of sugar, onion, and plenty of corn, a good corn pudding has a soft, tender texture, like a cross between cornbread and a soufflé. It can lean sweet or savory, depending on how you like it. And because so many ingredients pair well with corn, you can flavor this dish in so many different ways.

In our November issue, we included a recipe for Classic Corn Pudding that can be made two different ways. Our Green-Chile Corn Pudding has a Southwestern twist with poblano and green chiles, Mexican cheese, and fresh cilantro. Our Three-Cheese Corn Pudding makes the original even more rich and creamy with the addition of sharp white and yellow Cheddar and Parmesan.

If you're looking for a more traditional take on corn pudding, try Tee's Corn Pudding, one of our test kitchen's most beloved recipes. This version of the dish is on the sweeter side and brimming with fresh corn kernels.

Another thing to love about corn pudding is that it can be served alongside almost any main dish—roast chicken, grilled steaks, holiday hams, you name it. It's a fantastic potluck dish for this reason. Or you could serve it as a vegetarian main dish alongside a simple salad or some roasted vegetables and crusty bread.