While you're planning the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, let your little ones pitch in with this sweet twist on the main dish. Although not as juicy and tender as your holiday main is certainly going to be (especially if you try our Salt-and-Pepper Turkey recipe or choose to deep-fry), this fun twist is sure to please. Dip pretzels rods in white chocolate, add mini marshmallows to make the "bone," and shape rice krispies around the rods to form the "meat" for these Thanksgiving Marshmallow Turkey Legs. Bring these in to your child's school as a fun and festive treat for the class, or make a batch as an alternate Thanksgiving dessert for picky eaters. We won't blame you if you decide to go for more than one drumstick this holiday season – and it's a great way to keep kids occupied as you're perfecting the rest of your big dinner! And, you don't have to worry about cleaning off the bones.

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