We'll put the white stuff on just about anything—from grits to rutabagas.
woman chef tasting food
We sprinkle the white stuff over the darndest things—from grapefruit to rudabeggas.
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Saying that Southerners have a bit of a sweet tooth is like saying Bear Bryant coached a little football. Our sugar love is epic. And we're conflicted about it—not because we feel bad about how many things we sweeten, but because we don't feel bad at all—and we know we probably should. It's our lack of guilt that we feel so guilty about.

That's why you'll hear us use so many descriptors that telegraph "diminutive" when we tell you how much sugar we add: a tiny bit, the teensiest bit, a scant spoonful, etc. There's a whole "just a" subcategory: just a pinch, just a sprinkle, just a touch, just a tad, just a hint . . .

We polled our Facebook Brain Trust to see how many favorite foods they feel compelled to sweeten. Here's what they told us—let us know what we missed:

Sugar for Breakfast

Basically, we take healthy but bland breakfast staples and render them fabulous with sugar. Grits most especially get sugared (although some of us are in the butter-and-salt camp). Oatmeal and cream of wheat also get a dousing. A sprinkle, please, for our halved grapefruit. We get emotional just thinking about sugar, butter, and bread together. (Break out the exclamation points!!!) Says the Brain Trust:

Sugar on a Sandwich

Again, the magic of bread, sugar, and butter . . . and cheese . . . and bananas . . .

Cornbread (Controversy Alert!)

Some members of our Brain Trust like sugar in their cornbread. But they aren't proud of it.

Tea, Tea, Tea

Do we even need to talk about this one? No. No, we do not. On the sweet tea issue, we are a united people.

We'd Never Sweeten Vegetables (Bwahahahahahaha!!!!)

We Can't Forget the Starch Family

Sweet Things Need Sweetener, Too

Strawberries and other fruits can expect a sugar sprinkle so that they turn nice and syrupy . . . before we pour them over vanilla ice cream.

Sugar on Entrees

What is it about ground beef and sugar? We add it to our meatloaf and spaghetti sauce. [Editor's Note: It was actually an Italian friend who taught me to sugar my spaghetti sauce. But she was raised in Dallas, so does that make it a Southern thing?]

Sugar on Absolutely Anything

A few more comments from the Brain Trust:

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We might need to add to that list of 10, having reviewed our sugar crush: Only Southerners know that many green vegetables could do with a teensy bit of sugar.