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Well Done Steak
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Ask any Southerner from Alabama to West Virginia to rattle off their favorite foods, and you'll likely hear a lot of similarities. Tomato sandwiches, cornbread, fried chicken, pulled pork, grits, pecan pie, a few classic cast-iron skillet recipes. The list goes on and on.

Ask us for our most despised grub, however, and it appears we may not be so united. Hater, the quirky dating app that matches people based on mutual dislikes, has released a new infographic showing the most despised foods in the country. To make the map, they pored over their data—they have some 600,000 users—on food to see what turns the stomachs of folks the most in every state.

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Here's the rundown for the South:

  • Alabama: Chipotle
  • Arkansas: Cilantro
  • Delaware: Hawaiian Pizza
  • Florida: Licorice
  • Georgia: Tuna salad
  • Kentucky: Hummus
  • Louisiana: Cookies with raisins
  • Maryland: The corner piece of a brownie
  • Mississippi: Sour cream
  • Missouri: The last bite of a hot dog
  • North Carolina: Cottage cheese
  • Oklahoma: Veggie burgers
  • South Carolina: Matcha tea
  • Tennessee: Foraged food
  • Texas: Steak cooked well done
  • Virginia: Dabbing pizza grease with a napkin
  • West Virginia: Tofu

Note to self: Skip the raisins when hosting guests from Louisiana. See the full map below.

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