10 Southern Comfort Foods You Can Ship to Friends and Family This Winter

Chocolate Chunk Cookies from A Haute Cookie

While we always hope to get to host our entire family in our home, we know that it's just not possible for some family members or close friends to make the trek. Whether your loved one is sick, or the drive is just too far, it's always nice to still make them feel loved during the holiday season. Want to warm the heart of your long-distance loved one? Send them some comfort food. Look no further than A Haute Cookie in Atlanta for cookies that give holiday cheer to your loved one, or Caroline's Cakes for seven-layered confections like no other. The South is lucky to have so many talented bakers, chefs, and producers who can ship their tasty offerings anywhere. To help you out, we rounded up some of the region's best shippable options from scrumptious cakes to delightful cookies and biscuits.

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Pumpkin Bread from La Farm Bakery

LaFarm Pumpkin Bread You Can Ship
Courtesy La Farm Bakery

Nothing says love like bread, and Cary, North Carolina's La Farm Bakery has the good stuff. From pumpkin bread to their Artisan Snowman Bread to their famous mini white chocolate baguettes, there's something for any carb lover.

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Chocolate Chess Pie from Southern Baked Pie

Chocolate Chess Pie from Southern Baked Pie
Courtesy of Southern Baked Pie

Founder Amanda Wilbanks knows her way around pie dough, which is why her pies at Southern Baked Pie are some of the best around. For people with a sweet tooth, go for one of the classics like chocolate chess, pecan, pumpkin, or cherry. There are also savory options like beef stroganoff or chicken ranchero. You can even send a four pack of mini pies if you can't decide on just one!

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Buttermilk Biscuits from Callie's Little Hot Biscuits

Buttermilk Biscuits from Callie’s Little Hot Biscuits
Courtesy of Callie’s Little Hot Biscuits

Buttery biscuits—enough said. Just in case, though, you should know that Callie's Little Hot Biscuits, made in Charleston, are small but dense bundles of love. Classic buttermilk is a winning option as is cheddar and chives. Couldn't get enough pumpkin spice in the fall? Opt for their delicious pumpkin spice biscuits. There's also a gluten-free option, so no one has to feel left out.

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Hot Cocoa Cake from Caroline's Cakes

Hot Cocoa Cake
Courtesy of Caroline’s Cakes

The star at Caroline's Cakes, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is the seven-layer caramel cake, but the holiday flavors, like hot cocoa (chocolate cake, whipped icing, and hot cocoa-infused buttercream) and pink Champagne, are perfect for the season. Looking for a smaller option to send? Try Caroline's Caramel Cake Bites. Or if you can't decide on just one cake, get the best of both worlds with their half cakes, which let you decide on two different cakes sent as one big one. Caroline also has a variety of gluten free options.

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Milk Chocolate Toffee from Dottie's Toffee

Milk Chocolate Toffee from Dottie’s Toffee

What's not to love about this sweet and salty confection from Dottie's Toffee? Order it in milk or dark chocolate, in a bag or in a tin, you can't go wrong. They also sell white chocolate peppermint bark with pretzels, which is the perfect treat for the holiday season.

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Charbroiled Oysters from Drago's Seafood Restaurant

Charbroiled Oysters from Drago’s Seafood Restaurant

The Louisiana mini-chain is rumored to have created charbroiled oysters. They can't send the riverfront restaurant to your home, but they can send you Drago's Seafood charbroiled oyster kit with everything you need to recreate your own Louisiana experience. Pair them with a hurricane—Ooo la la!

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Texas Sheet Cake Ice Cream from Lick Honest Ice Creams

Texas Sheet Cake Ice Cream from Lick Honest Ice Creams

Creative flavors abound at this Austin ice cream shop, and now people can enjoy them at home. Create your own six pack with Lick Honest Ice Creams like Texas sheet cake, lemon poppy seed, and caramel salt lick.

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Hot Chocolate Bomb from Jardi Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Bomb from Jardi Chocolate
Courtesy of Jardi Chocolate

Located in Chamblee, Georgia, Jardi Chocolate is known for its beautiful truffles. This winter, though, it's all about the hot chocolate bomb which contains a mix of hot cocoa powder and marshmallows atop a chocolate peppermint base. Just add warm milk.

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Fried Chicken from Hattie B's

Fried Chicken from Hattie B’s

Not many things are more comforting than hot chicken straight out of Nashville. Whether you order a whole bird or wings, your tastebuds will be pleased with Hattie B's. Note: pickles are not included.

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Chocolate Chunk Cookies from A Haute Cookie

Chocolate Chunk Cookies from A Haute Cookie

Not too sweet with the right amount of chew, the cookies at Atlanta's A Haute Cookie would brighten up anyone's mailbox. It's hard to choose among the many varieties, but the chocolate chunk, strawberry shortcake, sugar cinnamon butter are a good place to start. Other standouts on the menu include the Keto cookie, brownie cookie bars, and cookie dough pints.

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