It involves your slow cooker.

Grilled chicken wings are a fun party snack, but they're not always fun for the party host. Most people can eat a lot of wings—especially if beer is involved. And no one wants to be stuck at the grill, flipping batch after batch of wings, working up a sweat and missing out on all of the fun.

Which is why you should break out your trusty slow cooker and make a big batch of tender, sticky wings in advance. Our recipe for Asian-Ginger Wings only requires 15 minutes of hands-on cooking time and makes four pounds of wings. (We recommend serving about one pound of wings per person.)

The key to this recipe—and any recipe for slow-cooked meat—is to brown the meat before it goes into the slow cooker. Browning adds more flavor, and in the case of chicken wings, improves the texture too. And you don't even need to stand over the stovetop to brown them. Place the wings on a lightly greased rack in a lightly greased broiler pan and crisp them up under the broiler. This recipe makes 32 wings and works in a five-quart slow cooker. If you happen to have a ten or even 12-quart machine, you can size up the recipe for larger crowds.

Once the wings are browned, transfer them to the greased slow cooker, cover them with the sauce of your choice, and cook on low for four hours. The sweet-savory sauce in this recipe starts with honey and bottled garlic-green onion teriyaki sauce (such as Kikkoman) dressed up with fresh ginger, fresh lime juice and zest, and garlic.

By the time guests arrive, the wings will be hot and ready to eat. Serve them straight out of the slow cooker or pile them on a big platter and top with sesame seeds, sliced green onions, and sliced red chile peppers. Just don't forget the napkins.