Here's Why Every Southerner Needs a Casserole-Shaped Slow Cooker in Their Life

Slow cook in style

Crock Pot

It's a slow cooker. It's a casserole dish. It's both, and somehow much more. In a phrase: It's everything you've been missing in the kitchen. If you love casseroles as much as we do—and oh do we, as evidenced here, here, and here—you need a casserole-shaped slow cooker in your life. (Trust us.) Why? Let us count the ways.

Easy to Love

Rather than the typical round or oval slow cooker, this particular version is the shape of a casserole dish—a form that we, as Southerners, cannot get enough of. But really, is there any dish more beloved than the classic 9x13?

Easy to Serve

This slow-cooking development is a genius iteration of a kitchen appliance we use every single day, and it also doubles as a serving station. The classic casserole shape makes it even easier to use the slow cooker as a serving dish—all while keeping your slow-cooked dish warm and toasty.

Easy to Use

The casserole-shaped slow cooker also comes in programmable versions. This makes it such a breeze to whip up hands-off, perfectly prepared dinners. This takes "set it and forget it" to blissful new heights.

Looking to add a casserole-shaped slow cooker to your kitchen appliance collection soon?

To buy: Crock-Pot Programmable Casserole Slow Cooker, $59.99;

Once you've taken the plunge, try out some of our favorite slow cooker recipes to break in your favorite new appliance.

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Do you already have a well-loved, casserole-shaped slow cooker in your life, or are you putting one on your wish list this year?

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