Is it a Southern Thanksgiving if you don't have green bean casserole on the table? We think not – but that doesn't mean you have to plan to fit another casserole dish in the oven. Save valuable space and time by taking a different route with our slow-cooker twist. We went beyond the can to create a spectacular version of this Thanksgiving classic. A warm, creamy green bean casserole belongs on every Southerner's holiday table, and this version doesn't skimp on any of our favorite ingredients. Use alfredo sauce as a creamy, shortcut base to your casserole. Diced water chestnuts give this Thanksgiving side some texture.Throw in some mushrooms, Parmesan, and French-fried onions, and let your slow cooker work its magic. Before serving, sauté up a few additional onions with some pecans for a crunchy topping to your green bean casserole. Folks won't be able to tell you saved time in your Crock-Pot!

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