We Created a Virtual Supper Club And We'd Love For You to Join

Bring your family recipes, your cooking fails, and your baking masterpieces.

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Food has always brought Southerners together. From church potlucks and supper clubs to Sunday dinners with family, it seems that there's often a casserole at the center of our best conversations. Down here, recipes aren't just about the way food tastes or looks. Those ripped-out magazine pages and stained recipe cards hold memories from our mothers, grandmothers, and dearest friends.

As we shared our own recipes on Facebook each week, we started to notice that our readers weren't just commenting on how their homemade cobblers turned out. They were sharing personal stories and nostalgic sentiments of what time in the kitchen means to them. We were so moved by your stories that we decided to create a Facebook Group dedicated to the remarkable fellowship around Southern food.

Join What's Cooking with Southern Living and you will be welcomed with open arms from more than 12,000 members that share their cooking expeditions each week. We cheer on our successes (Suzanne, your buttermilk biscuits were just perfect!) We help each other sort out cooking dilemmas and track down hard-to-find ingredients. We're also not afraid to laugh at our cooking fails (Not all of those layer cakes can be perfect!) Members enjoy regular updates from Southern Living staffers including Food Editor Lisa Cericola and Test Kitchen Professional Ivy Odom.

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At this time when we're all connecting more digitally and less in person, we've found that a community like ours can be an unexpected source of comfort. Group member Melba may have said it best, "The posts on this site are so inspiring, and for that I am so grateful, especially during this period when we have so much time at home… I don't know about you, but when I'm cooking—chopping, mixing, stirring— I tend to follow rabbit trails through my memories."

We hope you'll join our little potluck, and perhaps bring a few recipes and stories of your own. Anyone with a Facebook account can join by placing a request here. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about what you've been whipping up in your own kitchen. See y'all soon!

Join What's Cooking with Southern Living today!

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