34 Vintage Side Dish Recipes Grandma Always Had On the Table

Pan-Fried Okra with Cornmeal Recipe
Photo: Alison Miksch; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Whether in the kitchen or the beauty aisle, Grandma always knows best. We've learned manners, sayings, and of course, recipes from her. No meal is complete without a few sides and she sure knows how to subtly (or not so subtly) incorporate farm fresh veggies; though we'll be the first to admit that veggies weren't always the star of the show. As kids, we preferred the Peanut Butter Blossoms to the collards. But as our palates have developed, we've come to appreciate Grandma's ability to make any tough vegetable taste good. We're proud to say that many of her favorite recipes came from our very own pages.

These vintage side dish recipes will remind you of the sauce-splattered, worn-out ones from Grammy's recipe tin. We've gathered all the best nostalgic side dish recipes that she served in her own kitchen. With old-fashioned favorites like Southern-Style Collards, Butterbeans, and Mac & Cheese these recipes will make you feel like you're right back at Grandma's house. From a laid-back weeknight family dinners at home to a potluck dinner parties with friends, these dishes are just the comfort food fix you need to round out your meal.

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Southern-Style Collard Greens

Slow-Cooker Collard Greens with Ham Hocks
Victor Protasio

Recipe: Southern-Style Collard Greens

Every Southern grandma has her specific way of preparing collards, but you can't go wrong with this classic recipe.

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Home-Style Butterbeans

Home-Style Butterbeans
William Dickey

Recipe: Home-Style Butterbeans

Bacon is the not-so-secret ingredient that makes this old-school Southern vegetable sing.

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Best-Ever Macaroni and Cheese

Easy Pasta Recipes: Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Beth Dreiling Hontzas

Recipe: Best-Ever Macaroni and Cheese

If you're eating macaroni and cheese out of a box, you're doing it wrong. This dish deserves a spot on every table.

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Broccoli-Cheese Casserole

Broccoli-Cheese Casserole
Linda Pugliese; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Recipe: Broccoli-Cheese Casserole

You can easily add chicken to this casserole to take it from side to main dish.

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Classic Macaroni Salad with Ham

Classic Macaroni Salad with Ham
Jen Causey

Recipe: Classic Macaroni Salad with Ham

This chilled salad is just like the layered versions Grandma used to take to church potlucks.

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Classic Okra and Tomatoes

Classic Okra And Tomatoes
Southern Living

Recipe: Classic Okra and Tomatoes

This summer side dish is an easy way to use up fresh okra from the farmers' market.

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Tee's Corn Pudding

50 Best Thanksgiving Tee's Corn Pudding
Jennifer Davick

Recipe: Tee's Corn Pudding

Although corn pudding is a go-to for the holiday side board, it's easy enough to make for a weeknight.

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Three-Bean Pasta Salad

Three-Bean Pasta Salad
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Prop Styling: Lydia Pursell; Food Styling: Toni Brogan

Recipe: Three-Bean Pasta Salad

This recipe may be a fresh take on Grandma's three-bean salad, but the much-loved flavors of her recipe are all still there.

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Pear Salad

Pear Salad Still
Southern Living

Recipe: Pear Salad

To some, this combination of ingredients might sound crazy. To others, it looks just like Sunday dinner at Maw Maw's.

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Southern-Style Green Beans

Southern Green Beans
Southern Living

Recipe: Southern-Style Green Beans

As much as we love fresh, crunchy green beans with our dinner, there's nothing more delicious than green beans cooked low and slow with a ham hock.

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Old-School Squash Casserole

Old-School Squash Casserole
Greg DuPree; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Recipe: Old-School Squash Casserole

When fresh summer squash is abundant, this vintage casserole is one of our favorite ways to enjoy it.

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Classic Candied Yams

Classic Candied Yams
Photo: Victor Protasio; Prop Styling: Ginny Branch Stelling; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall

Recipe: Classic Candied Yams

Lightly spiced and oh-so-sweet, this Thanksgiving classic is welcome at our dinner table any time of year.

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Creamed Corn

Creamed Silver Queen Corn
Jennifer Davick

Recipe: Creamed Corn

We can find countless ways to use fresh summer corn, but this is one of our favorites, using a variety of white corn.

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Easy Black-Eyed Peas

Easy Black-Eyed Peas
Jennifer Causey; Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall; Prop Stylist: Audrey Davis

Recipe: Easy Black-Eyed Peas

Black-eyed peas are an essential ingredient in any Southern kitchen, and this simple recipe showcases them perfectly.

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Southern-Style Potato Salad

_Southern-Style Potato Salad
Southern Living

Recipe: Southern-Style Potato Salad

If your potato salad isn't Duke's mayo-laden, it might not be well-received at the potluck barbecue.

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Classic Fresh Field Peas

Classic Fresh Field Peas
Photo: Iain Bagwell

Recipe: Classic Fresh Field Peas

Smoky ham hocks take these field peas up a notch, making this side dish absolutely irresistible.

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Old-School Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole
Victor Protasio; Prop Styling: Ginny Branch; Food Styling: Emily Hall

Recipe: Old-School Green Bean Casserole

Just like everything from Nana's kitchen, there's no part of this classic casserole that isn't homemade.

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Best-Ever Succotash

Best-Ever Succotash
Photo: Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Tina Bell Stamos; Prop Styling: Christine Keely

Recipe: Best-Ever Succotash

It wouldn't be summer in the South without a colorful batch of succotash made with veggies fresh from the farm.

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Classic Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes

Classic Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes
Beth Dreiling Hontzas

Recipe: Classic Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes

You don't have to worry about taking home leftovers of this creamy, five-ingredient potato dish.

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Southern Skillet Cornbread

Southern Skillet Cornbread
Southern Living

Recipe: Southern Skillet Cornbread

Like Grandma's cornbread, this no-frills recipe starts (the only way it should) with bacon grease in a cast-iron skillet.

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Permanent Slaw

Permanent Slaw
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Prop Styling: Lydia Pursell; Food Styling: Toni Brogan

Recipe: Permanent Slaw

As the name suggests, this vintage slaw recipe tastes more delicious the longer it sits.

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Bread-and-Butter Pickles

Bread and Butter Pickles
Southern Living

Recipe: Bread-and-Butter Pickles

Maw Maw was always "putting up" produce, and homemade pickles were a constant in her home.

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Slow-Cooker Collard Greens with Ham Hocks

Slow-Cooker Collard Greens with Ham Hocks Recipe
Victor Protasio; Prop Styling: Ginny Branch Stelling; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall

Recipe: Slow-Cooker Collard Greens with Ham Hocks

These collard greens taste just like the ones Granny cooked over the stove for hours, but you can make them hands-off in the slow cooker.

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Onion Soufflé

Onion Souffle
Abigail Wilt

Recipe: Onion Soufflé

Onion soufflés, like this one we published in 1979, were all the rage back in the day. Once you taste how delicious they are, you'll understand why.

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Hot Water Cornbread

Hot-Water Cornbread
Oxmoor House

Recipe: Hot Water Cornbread

Although many prefer cornbread straight from the cast-iron skillet, hot water cornbread is an old-school method we love. And yes, corn is a vegetable, so in our books, you can count these cornbread patties as a veggie.

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Classic Hoppin' John

Classic Hoppin’ John
Alison Miksch; Prop Styling: Mary Clayton Carl; Food Styling: Mary-Claire Britton

Recipe: Classic Hoppin' John

This recipe comes with a generous helping of tradition. Whether you eat this dish with fried pork chops solely as good luck on New Year's Day or serve it up any time the winter is just a bit too chilly, Nan would be proud to know you're making it.

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Asparagus Gratin

Asparagus Gratin
Photography and Styling: Karen Rankin

Recipe: Asparagus Gratin

Who said asparagus couldn't be just as cheesy and creamy as potatoes au gratin?

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Chubba Bubba's Broccoli Salad

Chubba Bubba's Broccoli Salad
Photo: Beth Dreiling Hontzas; Styling: Amy Burke

Recipe: Chubba Bubba's Broccoli Salad

Everyone has some variation of a broccoli salad in their recipe box, and if you're looking for a refresh for your go-to, we highly recommend this one.

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Maque Choux with Sausage

Maque Choux with Sausage
Johnny Autry; Prop and Food Styling: Charlotte L. Autry

Recipe: Maque Choux with Sausage

If you have a grandmother from Louisiana, chances are she served this dish as a side option with almost any dinner. We've added sausage to the recipe to make it a hearty main course, but you can skip it for a lighter serving.

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Pan-Fried Okra with Cornmeal

Pan-Fried Okra with Cornmeal Recipe
Alison Miksch; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Recipe: Pan-Fried Okra with Cornmeal

When you order fried okra at a restaurant, it comes deep-fried. When you order fried okra in Mimi's kitchen, it comes this way, lightly-breaded and delicious; and we absolutely love it.

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Wild Rice with Mushrooms

Wild Rice with Mushrooms
Iain Bagwell

Recipe: Wild Rice with Mushrooms

Budget-friendly and delicious, wild rice is a longtime favorite for Southern casseroles and side dishes, and this recipe is no exception.

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Creamed Spinach

Creamed Spinach
Antonis Achilleos

Recipe: Creamed Spinach

Eating your greens is easy with this cheesy, comforting recipe.

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Fresh Corn Spoonbread

Fresh Corn Spoonbread
Iain Bagwell; Styling: Heather Chadduck

Recipe: Fresh Corn Spoonbread

We wouldn't dream of asking you to put away Mama's cornbread recipe, but you may want to test out this old-fashioned dish next time you're hosting.

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Twice-Baked Potatoes

Twice Baked Potatoes
Antonis Achilleos

Recipe: Twice-Baked Potatoes

There's nothing like a classic twice-baked potato loaded with cheddar cheese, sour cream, bacon, and green onions. If it's steak night at Nona's, these are sure to be on the side.

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