Meet a recipe that makes the most of winter produce.
Winter Vegetables and Gnocchi
| Credit: Greg DuPree

I made the Winter Vegetables and Gnocci for our Month of Simple Suppers Challenge. I was craving a quick pasta alternative, and this rich recipe fits the bill. It's packed with veggies but also super filling, thanks to the gnocchi and butternut squash. I went the thrifty route and bought a whole butternut squash and cut it myself.

Winter Vegetable Gnocchi
Credit: Anna Aguillard

I definitely underestimated the amount of cubed squash I would end up with, which resulted in an abundance of squash that outweighed the mushrooms, onions, and gnocchi. Don't get me wrong: I'm not complaining—it was still so delicious! The veggies took a little while longer to roast in the oven, but probably turned out even better. It all came together with minimal prep time (beyond the cutting, which was my choice). I'd make it again in a heartbeat, for a hearty weeknight dinner or even date night (because gnocchi is fancy).