No cutting or dicing required.
Slow Cooker Pot
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It may still be a touch premature to say that the holiday season is upon us (friendly-reminder: It's not even Halloween yet), or even pumpkin pie season, but we fully admit that slow-cooker season is, indeed, in full swing.

So what's a gal to cook? When it comes to veggies, we're guessing you probably like butternut squash this time of year. As food website The Kitchn recently shared, your slow-cooker is quite possibly the easiest way to cook a whole butternut squash. "Place the whole cleaned squash in the bowl of your slow cooker, cover with the lid, and cook until tender. A medium (approximately three-pound) squash will cook in six to eight hours over low heat, or four to five hours on high heat," writes Kelli Foster. After the butternut squash is done, let it cool before cutting. Voilà! P.S. Be sure to save the seeds to roast for a delicious snack.

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