Here's What You Need to Know About Blue Plate Mayonnaise

Why 'The Legendary Spread of the South' deserves a pedestal in your kitchen.

Blue Plate Mayo

Southerners don't play around when it comes to our mayonnaise. If you ever wondered the secret behind classic Southern cooking, it's really no secret at all. It's mayonnaise. Most every famous recipe comes with a heaping helping of this Southern kitchen staple. The secret to Mama's famous broccoli salad? Mayonnaise. Her delightfully creamy potato salad? Mayonnaise. (If you haven't noticed, the words 'salad' and 'mayonnaise' are more-often-than-not mutually dependent on one another when it comes to Southern cooking.) And if you haven't jazzed up a grilled cheese with a healthy dose of mayo, well then, you're just not living right.

Although we're awfully generous in our use of this regionally celebrated condiment, don't think for a second we'll trust just any old mayonnaise to do our generations-old recipes justice. When it comes to honoring Mee Maw's famous deviled eggs, the one we can always trust to get the job done is The Legendary Spread of the South: Blue Plate Mayonnaise. This delectable Southern spread offers a perfectly creamy complement to any holiday dish, but can hold its own just the same in the simplest of recipes (looking at you, tomato sandwiches).

Now, we know that mayo loyalists out there fly their flags proudly for the brand of their choosing and are not typically ones to be swayed. What's so special about Blue Plate? It's just mayonnaise, right? How very wrong you are. This gluten free, made-in-the-USA mayo is bolder, richer, and creamier than your average mayo while still using the simplest, most wholesome ingredients like oil, egg yolks and vinegar (a.k.a. there's nothing on the back of the label that you can't pronounce.) Blue Plate proudly paves the way on the quest for the best sandwich ever with newer additions such as Light Mayonnaise with Greek Yogurt and Light Mayonnaise with Olive Oil in what they call 'figure-friendly mayo', as well as their famed zesty Sandwich Spread.

Still not convinced? Take it from Amazon customer of Blue Plate, Jaquen, who brilliantly states:

″I, a Blue Plate virgin, decided to give it a try based solely off the few reviews here. After some delay thanks to shipping issues with lazy Fed-Ex, the mayo arrived yesterday. I decided to test it out on something I've not had in quite a long while: a great NYC cold roast beef sandwich. I told the deli to hold the mayo, because I've got that taken care of!

Let me tell you it was, bar none, the best roast beef sandwich I've ever had. Now credit must go to great slices of rare beef, fresh lettuce, and my own personal addition, avocado, but the mayo was the scene stealer here. It seduces you to the point where you literally have to force yourself from drowning the sandwich in it's alluring goodness.

When mayonnaise dreams of being reincarnated as a higher being, this is the stuff it longs to be. As I type I am chowing down on a bowl of tuna, egg, and broccoli salad and the mayo has just turned the whole thing on it's ear.

Get this mayo now. It just does not get better than this."

You took the words right out of our mouths, Jaquen. Case dismissed.

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