There's no (BBQ) place like home!

If there's one thing Southerners know a thing or two about, it's good ol' fashioned BBQ. The juicy, tender Southern staple often makes an appearance at summer cookouts, football tailgates, and after-church potlucks. Pitmasters across Dixie work long and hard to perfect their exclusive recipes, and we consider ourselves seasoned BBQ connoisseurs. Whether you prefer Alabama's signature white sauce, South Carolina's pork butt, or Texas' moist brisket, the tasty entree can do no wrong.

That is, with one exception – Brooklyn BBQ. A photo of this New York City food went viral in early 2018, and not for good reasons. It was accompanied with an article claiming the dish was "taking over the world," to which folks across the South chuckled in disagreement. The sad plate showed off store-bought rolls, barbecue with no sauce, and a side of pickles. That's it. No condiments, no sides, and a whole lot to be desired.

We decided to give Brooklyn BBQ the benefit of the doubt here at Southern Living and put it to the test with a few of our editors. They were amusingly unimpressed with its lackluster presentation. Some say it was reminiscent of prison food, while others begged for a few sides and some sauce. One of our editors said it was a good start (but, bless their hearts!). We think we'll stick to our Southern-made BBQ by folks who live and breathe by their techniques.