Don't crank up the grill without these awesome products. 
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Grab those patties and franks, it's time to light up the grill! If you're looking to take your Southern summer party to the next level, here are five BBQ essentials to upgrade your next cookout.

Tired of your tiny greens falling through the cracks? These grill clips by Charcoal Companion make life a little easier. Their stainless steel serrated teeth will keep your veggies cooking to delicious perfection for only $11.

Grill Daddy's Pro Grill Brush is sure to be a big improvement to your current scrubber. Not only will its long handle keep your mitts safe from heat, it'll also give your grill a quality steam cleaning. Just add water, and watch the gunk wash away for $25.

Gaswatch's bluetooth propane-level indicator keeps the party going and your tank full. This smart scale detects how much cooking time your tank has left and alerts you when it's low – all through your smartphone! Avoid running on empty for just 30 bucks!

The mesh screen food cover tents by Chuzy Chef will keep your meal safe from any pesky invaders. Its galvanized steel skeleton provides resilient, insect-free protection during those fun meals in the sun. Grab a 2-pack for only $6.

Nothing's more essential than being the coolest cook on the block with these Star Wars lightsaber BBQ tongs. Grill like a Jedi as your tongs make saber sounds while flipping burgers to the dark side. The force will be with you for just $35! Once the smoke clears and bellies are full, you'll be glad you invested in these five fantastic items.