This Is The Secret To Making The Best Tator Tots Every Time

Tater tots make the world go round. Okay, maybe not exactly, but they are the ultimate side dish for a classic Southern cook out, casual family BBQ, or annual church potluck. The tiny, bite-size treats are perfectly golden and crispy on the outside and warm and flavorful on the inside. In fact, many folks prefer the small potato bites to fries or onion rings. You heard it here first. So, what's the secret to enjoying amazingly delicious tator tots every time the craving hits?

For starters, all Southern folks know that homemade is always better than store bought, and while you may have a favorite brand of go-to frozen tots, we are here to tell you that cooking them from scratch always makes a tremendous difference.

Next, and this may shock you; oven-baked tater tots are far better than the fried version. Gasp. The texture is not too crunchy, and the flavor is far more appealing. Start by boiling the potatoes and letting them cool. Thinly shred the potatoes using a box grater. After letting them drain, add in your other favorite ingredients. This is a great opportunity to be creative. Do you like oregano, dill, onion powder, or parsley? Add it in!

Here's the biggest secret of all: add a few bacon drippings to the pan while your oven preheats. Once melted, toss on the tater tots and watch as they bake to perfection. The bacon adds a bit of irresistible flavor to an otherwise classic side dish. Try out this easy tip next time you're hosting a dinner, and we guarantee the tater tots will disappear faster than you can say "dinner is served"!

Once you've perfected this method, be sure to try out some of our other tot recipes. We have no doubt you will love them as much as we do.

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