Why Every Southerner Worth Their Salt Has a Greasy Rice Recipe

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Greasy Rice
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Ever heard of greasy rice? According to the food blog South Your Mouth, it's a Southern delicacy, and it couldn't be easier to make. If you're thinking of whipping up a rice side for dinner tonight, you should definitely look into greasy rice. If you've never made it before, your first spoonful will be a real treat for your taste buds.

What makes it greasy? The same stuff that makes it delicious. As explained by food blogger Mandy Rivers at South Your Mouth, "Greasy rice is just plain white rice that is cooked in the stock and drippings rendered from slow cooking meat (usually pork or chicken)." Greasy rice is easy to prepare, and it's also practical. If you're already cooking meat, you can use the resulting drippings to jump start the preparation of your accompanying rice side dish. Waste not, want not! That sort of economy is a hallmark of a classic Southern dish.

While the greasy rice recipe shared by South Your Mouth only calls for three ingredients (pan juices, white rice, and salt—what could be easier?), you can add almost anything to greasy rice. It's a good base for meats and veggies, which can turn a bowl of greasy rice into a satisfying main dish.

For the full recipe, more information, and additional tips and tricks for cooking a batch of greasy rice, head over to South Your Mouth. (There you'll also find instructions for making greasy rice in the microwave, which is an even faster and easier preparation perfect for harried weeknights.)

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Have you ever made greasy rice? It's not the healthiest side option we can think of, but some days call a dose of indulgence. That's why we're thinking greasy rice could be the perfect treat-yourself addition to a weeknight dinner. Also be sure to let us know your favorite rice dishes and the go-to dinnertime sides that you've perfected.

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