This Side Dish Got My Husband to Cook

Southern food blogger Cara Greenstein shares her family's favorite side dish. (Hint: it involves bacon.)

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. Photo: Cara Greenstein

Having just tied the knot, my husband Alex and I are learning to create our own traditions in our Downtown Memphis kitchen. I'm the rabbi's daughter who never cooked with pork until young adulthood, and Alex is an Arkansas-raised Southern gentleman who doesn't validate a dish without "treif" (non-kosher food)!

During a Mississippi Delta getaway at the Alluvian Hotel a few winters ago, we savored every second of a Viking Cooking School date night. Until that evening, Alex's cooking confidence was little to none; but it was during the Brussels sprout and bacon side dish prep that, suddenly, I saw his passion shine. I had always taken on the "chef" role, but at that moment he was teaching me how to properly brown bacon.

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Our growing love for nights spent in the kitchen together is all thanks to that bacon-filled moment. I am all about recipes that provoke comfort and ease in the evenings after stressful workdays. This Brussels sprout recipe reaps a sweet and savory combination for any season and occasion.

Click here for Cara's Brown Sugar and Bacon Brussels recipe

Cara Greenstein is author of the award-winning, Memphis-based food and lifestyle brand Caramelized. A bonafide foodie and entertaining expert, Cara shares a wealth of inspiration for the kitchen and home, as well as guides for outings in Memphis and across the South. Her latest venture, the Caramelized Supper Club, offers a "dinner party in a box" subscription service for convenient and creative at-home entertaining.

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