We thought so. 
Tabasco, Crystal, and Texas Pete Hot Sauce
Credit: tabasco.com/baumerfoods.com/texaspete.com

Whether for a trip to the timeshare on the Gulf or the drive-thru that you visit every Saturday morning, Southerners have been known to keep their favorite spices, seasonings, and sauces close at hand. Whether you stash them in a tackle box, your purse, or the console of your truck, these are the ones that ride with us everywhere.

Hot Sauce: For die-hard fans of certain brands, they won't leave the house without their Tabasco, Crystal, Texas Pete, or Cholula, lest the restaurant they're visiting not have their bottle of choice on the table.

Cajun seasoning: Whether it's throwing a sprinkle on pick-up fried chicken or for fresh-caught fish back at the rental, you can always spice up your life.

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Cinnamon: From popcorn and pancakes to oatmeal and coffee, a shaker of this staple goes a long way.

Maldon Sea Salt: Our food stylists always have this flaky salt on hand for photo shoots, but we've also seen them take a pinch from a box in their tote bags for ice cream or french fries while out and about.

Ranch: While we don't endorse taking a bottle of ranch into any restaurant, we also won't pretend this doesn't happen.

Taco Seasoning: It's not just for tacos. Try it in a crockpot chili at the tailgate or put it in a cobbled-together Tex-Mex casserole.

BBQ Sauce: For Carolinians heading to dry-rub country or Alabama White Sauce-lovers, it's a matter of more than preference but of geographical pride.