The Best Herbs to Grow in Your Windowsill

Get ready for endless pesto, ritzy spa water, and perfectly garnished cocktails, no farm garden required.

A windowsill herb garden is a good idea for everyone. Whether you have 5,000 square feet of house sitting on acres of garden-ready land, or a tiny loft with one window and a few cubic feet to spare, you've got room for a collection of herbs on your windowsill. They're easy to grow, fragrant, and will instantly upgrade anything you can put fresh herbs on…even if it's just a frozen pizza (speaking from experience here).

All herbs want are two things: sunlight and good drainage. Unfortunately there are lots of containers, dishes, bowls, jars, and glasses that would be cute to put herbs in, but if they don't offer any drainage, they're a no-go. (Unless you only want to commit to your plant for say, a few days.)

They like lots of sun, so a spot that gets at least six hours of sunlight daily is ideal, like a south or southwest facing window. Then choose a container that has a hole in the bottom for drainage, and a tray or saucer to protect whatever it is sitting on. Separate pots are a great idea, as some plants like drier or wetter soil than others.

As far as which herbs specifically to grow, start with some proven MVPs. These herbs only require basic care and are easy to find. The best news? They're all perennial so you can enjoy them endlessly.



It smells wonderful, it's tough, and it looks nice. It likes dry roots and humid air, so give it a misting every now and then since indoor air tends to be drier.


Fresh oregano is actually milder than dried, so it's handy to have around if you find yourself cooking a variety of international dishes. Look for the selections Sweet marjoram, Italian marjoram, and pot marjoram for kitchen uses.


A must-have during the holidays, sage also looks gorgeous growing before getting clipped for stews and dressing. Salvia officinalis, or common sage, is the go-to for cooking.


By growing mint inside, it can't take over your yard and garden. It's notoriously hardy and there are endless selections to choose from.

WATCH: Three Easy Herbs to Grow

Even just one herb can seriously up the ante in a home cook's kitchen. Or, try a combination of different herbs for a fragrant, flavorful, micro garden. Tell us, what are your favorite herbs and edible flowers to grow for use at home? Any tips and tricks?

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