How To Reheat Shrimp

This is how to avoid rubbery shrimp when you reheat it the next day.

Nothing makes our hearts go pitter-patter like a delicious, juicy shrimp. The best part? If you're lucky enough to have leftovers, it's a gift that keeps on giving the next day. Reheating shrimp can be tricky though. "When shrimp get overcooked they get rubbery," says Jamie Adams, head chef at the renowned eatery Lagarde, in Chamblee Georgia. Here, Adams gives us his best tips and tricks for reheating shrimp.

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How do you reheat frozen shrimp?

Adams says that it's important to give shrimp time to defrost. His preferred method is defrosting them slowly in the refrigerator until completely thawed before reheating.

How to reheat shrimp as part of a finished dish?

If your shrimp is part of a finished dish like shrimp and corn chowder or shrimp scampi. Adams says it's best to reheat the dish in a pan. He adds that the size of the pan should depend on the volume, "a small amount a small pan and a larger amount in a pot." Just be sure you don't overcook it, Adams says as soon as it hits a simmer, it's ready to go.

What is the best way to reheat boiled shrimp?

"For boiled shrimp, you can use the microwave. Put them in a bowl with water, you don't have to submerge them, just a little in the bottom of the bowl," says Adams. He suggests starting with 30 seconds and then testing one. If they aren't done, mix them around and add more time in short intervals until they are evenly heated. This will prevent overcooking. He adds that as an alternative you can heat boiled shrimp by dropping them into seasoned boiling water until they heat up to your preferred temperature.

What is the best way to reheat grilled shrimp?

If you had grilled shrimp for dinner last night and need to heat up the leftovers, Adams says, "I would recommend putting them into a pan with a little olive oil or butter and simply warm them up until they are hot to the touch".

What are a few ways to use leftover shrimp?

Adams says since shrimp reheat well he loves enjoying the leftovers in shrimp salad, shrimp risotto (he suggests waiting to add them until the very last minute, or a pasta dish since they taste great in anything from cream to marinara.

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