Bear and Bo Rinehart from NEEDTOBREATHE celebrate Christmas with a not so typical meal.
Mary Reames Rinehart
Credit: The Rinehart Family

Southern rock band NEEDTOBREATHE has been increasingly busy over the last several years. They're constantly crisscrossing the U.S. on tour, recording new music, and they even run a foundation striving to better the lives of children in Uganda.

But for brothers Bear and Bo Rinehart, their Southern roots run deep, no matter where they go. While the Rinehart brothers grew up in South Carolina, their loyalty to Alabama football is unrivaled, as they previously told Southern Living. "Yeah both of our parents are from Alabama and, right after I was born...they nicknamed me Bear after Bear Bryant from Alabama…And then when he was born, they named him Bryant. Just went ahead with it," Bear said. They may be performing way out on the west coast, but you'd better believe Bear will know the score of the game every Saturday.

So, it comes as no surprise that their holidays are celebrated in a uniquely South Carolina kind of way.

"Bo and I have one of the weirdest southern traditions, I don't know how it started, my dad is a little bit insane, but it was always crab legs for Christmas," Bear said.

"He's an outsider so like everyone else is doing like hams and turkeys, we're doing crab legs," Bo added with a chuckle.

Now that the brothers are grown with families of their own, their celebration sticks with that seafood theme, but it's a little more lavish. For the last ten years, the Rinehart's have celebrated Christmas and New Year's with a Lowcountry Boil. It's a meal that's both a low-key family affair, and also fancy enough for a special occasion. Bear's wife Mary has taken the reigns in preparing the meal, and as Bear told us recently, she's a well-prepared host.

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"I married into essentially a Southern Livingfamily where I walked in the first time, even when we were dating, where there is an absolute spread, and everything is perfect and like layers of plates I don't even know what you use those for. And now I've gotten actually very snooty about that. If it's not like this then something's wrong. I really love it," Bear said with a smile.

Fortunately for us, Bear's wife Mary Reames (pictured above) has shared exactly how to prepare a Lowcountry boil just like the one she makes for her family for the holidays. With just a few steps, you too could have a gorgeous meal on the table to feed your crowd. And we think the band's new acoustic album makes for the perfect soundtrack to this fun holiday meal.

This meal doesn't have to just be for Christmas either. We think it would be great on just a Tuesday too! Check out the full recipe here.